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Karunyakeralam News Letter- Vol 12
Karunyakeralam News Letter- Vol 11 SHA Training Report March 2022
Karunyakeralam News Letter- Vol 10 SHA Training Report January 2022
Karunyakeralam News Letter- Vol 9 SHA Training Report December 2021
Karunyakeralam News Letter- Vol 8 SHA Training Report May 2021
Karunyakeralam News Letter- Vol 7 SHA Training Report April 2021
Karunyakeralam News Letter- Vol 6 SHA Training Report January 2021
Karunyakeralam News Letter- Vol 5 SHA Training Report December 2020
Karunyakeralam News Letter- Vol 4 SHA Training Report November 2020
Karunyakeralam News Letter- Vol 3 SHA Training Report October 2020
Karunyakeralam News Letter- Vol 2 SHA Training Report September 2020
Karunyakeralam News Letter- Vol 1 SHA Training Report August 2020
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Fact Sheet June 2024
Claim Analysis June 2024
Fact Sheet May 2024 Claims Analysis May 2024
Fact Sheet April 2024 Claims Analysis April 2024
Fact Sheet March 2024 Claims Analysis March 2024
Fact Sheet February 2024 Claims Analysis February 2024
Fact Sheet January 2024 Claims Analysis January 2024
Fact Sheet December 2023 Claims Analysis December 2023
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Fact Sheet October 2023 Claims Analysis October 2023
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Fact Sheet July 2023 Claims Analysis July 2023
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Fact Sheet March 2023 Claims Analysis April 2023
Fact Sheet August 2022 Claims Analysis March 2023
Fact Sheet July 2022 Claims Analysis February 2023
Fact Sheet June 2022 Claims Analysis January 2023
Fact Sheet May 2022 Claims Analysis October 2022
Fact Sheet March 2022 Claims Analysis September 2022
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Fact Sheet December 2021 Claims Analysis July 2022
Fact Sheet November 2021 Claims Analysis June 2022
Fact Sheet October 2021 Claims Analysis May 2022
Fact Sheet September 2021 Claims Analysis March 2022
Yearly Claim Analysis Reports
Claims Analysis 2022-23 Claims Analysis 2020-21 to 2022-23-KBF
Claim Analysis 2021-22
Claim Analysis 2020-21
Other Reports
IEC Strategy Workshop Report
District EHCP Connect: A Noval initiative by State Health Agency, Kerala on District Coordination at Grassroot Level for Information Dissemination and Coordination for Managing Covid 19 related activities among Private Hospitals in the State of Kerala — Best Practices Submitted
Initiatives to ensure financial security to COVID-19 patients during SARS-COV-2 Virus Pandemic – – Best Practices Submitted
How Integration of Karunya Benevolent Fund(KBF) with AB-PMJAY IT system benefited in the COVID-19 Pandemic — Best Practices Submitted
SHA Status report_August2020