1. Instructions for using GeneXpert/Truenat-beta-CoV in the private sector-GO-726 dated.16.04.2020
    2. Covid Test Rates-Private Laboratory GO-1236 dated. 02.07.2020
    3. Fixing of the rates for COVID19 in Private Health Care Institutions GO-1246 dated. 6.07.2020
    4. Refixing the COVID19 Test Rate GO-1935 dated.21.10.2020
    5. Re-fixing the Covid -19 Test Rates-GO-12 dated.01.01.2021
    6. Expanding Bed capacity available in hospitals GO-392 dated.30.04.2021
    7. Covid 19 – ‘track- test- treat’ strategy- GO-393 dated.01.05.2021
    8. Treatment charges in Private Hospitals for the Walk in Patients(Other than KASP) -GO-1066 dated 10.05.2021
    9. Treatment Charges in private hospitals(Other than KASP)-GO-1436 dated.7.7.2021
    10. Treatment Package Rate-Post Covid Complications for APL Category-GO-1750 dated.16.8.2021
    11. Management of Monkey pox – State Level Committees – Constituted-GO-1903 dated.3.8.2022
    12. Covid-19-Note dated 22.11.2022