41. Health needs of Extreme Poor – Guidelines – GO(Rt)No.2205/2022/LSGD dated.11.09.2022
42. Entrusting SHA for the implementation of Arogyakiranam Scheme-GO(Rt)No.2619/2022/H&FWD dated.01.11.2022
43. Implementation of Sruthitharangam-Constitution of Technical Committee-GO(Rt)No.1530/2023/H&FWD dated.27.06.2023
44. Entrusting SHA for the implementation of Sruthitharangam & Guidelines-GO(Rt)No.1803/2023/H&FWD dated.23.07.2023
45. Entrusting SHA for the implementation of Thalolam, Cancer Suraksha Schemes – GO(Rt)No.2498-2023-HFWD dated.29.09.2023
46. KBF Extenstion-GO-Rt-2531-2023-HFWD-KBF dated.01.10.2023
47. Sruthitharangam – LSG Fund for the maintenance of cochlear implants – Circular No.DA1-284-2023-LSGD dated 09.11.2023
50. Sruthitharangam Scheme -Permission Maintenance & Processor Up-gradation-GORtNo.3045-2023-HFW dated18.11.23
51. Sruthitharangam Scheme-Revised Package Rate-GORtNo.3170/2023/H&FWD dated.30.11.23
52. Arogyakiranam-Standard Operating Procedure-GO(Rt)No.3356/2023/H&FWD dated.20.12.2023
53.KBF Extension from 01.01.2024 to 31.03.2024 – G.O.(Rt)No.52/2024/H&FWD dtd. 09-01-2024
54.KBF Extension upto 30-06-2024-GO(Rt)No.714/2024/H&FWD dated.10-03-2024