COVID -19 Guidelines

Covid -19 Treatment Guidelines for Kerala -25 April 2021

Kerala State COVID 19 guidelines -24 April 2021

Guidelines- Covid 19 Discharge Policy – 25 April 2021

G.O.(Rt)No.980/2021/H&FWD – Refixing the rate for RT PCR test

G.O.(Rt)No.1066/2021/H&FWD – COVID -19 Treatment charges in Private Hospitals for the Walk in Patients (Other than KASP beneficiaries and Government referred patients)

Advisory with regard to Optimal Use of High flow Nasal Cannulas (HFNC) and Oxygen Audits

Scarcity and shortage of COVID Personal Protective Items in the open market – Fixing the rates

Covid -19 – Post Covid Treatment -Government Order(GO -1428)

Covid -19 – Private Hospitals Treatment charges-Order-070721 (GO-1436)

COVid-19 – Post Covid Treatment Rates -For APL



Vaccination starts from 01/03/2021 onwards

Register via  COWIN Portal

COWIN Portal  — click here to go to cowin portal Guideline for COVID19 Vaccination for the priority groups
Registration User Guide State and District Help Desk Contact
Guidance note for COWIN 2.0 Private COVID Vaccination Centers
List of Specified Comorbidities CGHS COVID Vaccination Centers
List of specified Comorbidities for determination of eligibility of citizens in age group  18 to 44 years and Certificate Format Guideline for Private Hospitals
Guidelines- COVID 19 Vaccination – 2nd dose prioritization Frequently Asked Questions
MOHFW Letter on Private hospital Vaccination_150521 MOHFW Letter on Private hospital Vaccination_230421
Covid-19 vaccination in CVCs Circular Guidelines on planning and conduct of sessions in Private CVC
Revised Vaccination Guidelines for persons travelling abroad_02062021 OM_Fixation of Maximum price per dose for Covid -19 Vaccination
Allotment and vaccine procurement – June Vaccination Pregnant Women
Covid vaccination certificate and aggregation of demand Procurement of Covid Vaccine – Private PCVCs-Revised SOP
Covid Vaccination_State Guidelines_100821 Covid Vaccination_KMSCL purchase
Vaccination Foreign Nationals